Fall protection


HJ Abseiling Ltd are approved installation partners of market leading fall arrest manufacturers. We can design and install around your specific requirements to suit any manner of structures and age buildings.

Our expert work at height team is able to provide specialist advice on which type of system is most suitable for a specific program of work or layout. We offer a variety of fall arrest and restraint systems including:

  • Permanent safety line systems EN795 Class C
  • A permanent safety line that can be installed to prevent anyone that access a roof or structure to be securely attached via a lanyard and harness when working near roof edges, slopes or any structure that requires fall protection or restraint. The system will be fixed in a permanent position under current regulations.

  • Mobile man anchor EN795 Class D
  • We understand that it is not always feasible to fix or have the need for a permanent system in place, therefor we can offer a temporary system man anchor than can allow either one or two operators to be attached to the system at any one time to conduct work as required. When the system is no longer needed it can be collapsed and removed in just a few hours leaving no trace of it ever being there. Ideal for construction sites as temporary anchorage.

  • Permanent anchorage EN795 Class A1
  • Installed as a form of permanent anchorage on any structure or building, we have a range of EN795 Class A1 eyebolts suitable for both fall arrest and rope access requirements.

  • Load testing and periodic certification
  • We provide inspection and certification of all of the above systems as requested.